“Danovit is a brand of liquid feed supplements produced by danovit company . Danovit supplements are designed to balance cattle diets, enhancing production. With Danovit products this is done by balancing the ration with supplemental protein, vitamins, and minerals in a liquid form. Providing needed nutrients to balance the diet enables cattle to perform better. The concept behind Danovit products is to enhance the ability of the rumen bacterial population to digest forage; thereby increasing the fiber digesting capacity and efficiency of the animal. Increased fiber digestion by cattle consuming Danovit supplements has been proven by university testing, private research and internal company testing. Danovit supplements feed rumen bacteria. These bacteria provide a significant amount of the animal’s energy and protein needs. Since rumen bacteria have very short life spans (some as little as 20 minutes), it is important to maintain a high functioning rumen bacterial population, and Danovit supplements do just that. Fueling the rumen bacterial population enables the animal to more fully utilize consumed forage; thus, increasing the overall efficiency of digestion. Danovit supplements are known for controlled intake. The palatability of Danovit supplements can be Cattle at Trougheasily altered from very sweet to very bitter products to control intake based on grazing conditions. A combination of sweet and bitter products are on every Danovit dealer’s delivery truck that supplies Danovit supplements direct to producers’ cattle operations. Danovit products are blended onsite to ensure consumption control; ensuring cattle only received the needed amounts of supplemental nutrients. When you purchase Danovit liquid feed supplements you get more! Danovit supplements fill the gap between what forage delivers and what cattle require.

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